Tuesday, January 23, 2007

iPhone at work - could be trouble.

iPhone cranks up buzz on office iPods

Chad Graham
The Arizona Republic

Judging by the drooling over Apple Inc.'s new iPhone, there's a whole new wave of little handhelds about to invade workplaces across the Valley.

The devices, costing $499 and $599 and set to arrive in June, have reignited the debate over what role, if any, MP3 players have in the workplace.

A Harris Interactive poll indicated that 32 percent of workers nationally used some kind of music-listening device. Nearly 80 percent thought it improved their satisfaction and/or productivity.

But not everyone believes the iPod in the workplace is a positive development. Some argue that employees waste time and block open communication by putting those conspicuous white headphone buds in their ears.

Still, one Valley surgeon's office uses iPods to educate patients and employees. And an advertising agency has a "resident DJ" who "spins" tunes to set the workday's mood.

Yet one workplace expert warns that not following iPod etiquette can cause hurt feelings between cubicles. That's especially true now that we'll be able to listen to music, make a phone call and surf the Web with one device. More...

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